Sunday, March 17

Seeing the World, Again

Oh yes. I love this feeling of freshness having my sweating face been dried away by the wind passing by, when my car swift the road. Right away after jog for 30mins seeing the uncle, auntie, grandfather, grandmother, dog walker and of course grumpy old chinese lady. And of course all chinese. Hoping the traffic has calmed his way after 6-8am of war. Few things came across my mind: first, the earth hour coming this 23 March, how I am going find one day to dump all my used papers in recycle bin at Taylor’s University and having a Twitter account. 

I read an article on gene designer for coming babies, is starting to path the way in science world and how ovules from Ivy league woman cost 10x higher than normal working women in United States. Guess, it has started and how it worries the world on how this would affect the evolution again. Some said the evolution has stopped, in term of not much on physical changing (Darwin) but somehow it has little bit on the attitude part: greedy, stress, and whats not. I found this overwhelming on how scientist from new south wales struggling to non-extinct the extinct frog who give birth through mouth and I could see the tiny baby frog right at the opening of her mother’s mouth, not a tadpole anymore. Oh thinking about birth, yesterday was a mammoth piece of memory. Marilyn giving birth to six kittens, and I was the one who in the labour room. Epic. And how that tiny bouquet of flower hanging at the groom’s chest on his big day. Beautiful. Happy Monday people!