Saturday, January 26


I just got back from SCM and my favorite little gem, Qalesha. She’s just a magic and hit me with one of her magic wand like no other. I just grab her up and pointing upon the sky and showing her few stars and remind her the song of twinkle little star. Precious. Few hours before that, of course going out with my man. And I snapped this with the laziness of removing my make up. Thank god he’s already asleep. This is the prove babyyy :*
Breath Bashira. I just got a pocket watch with bronze stone as the cover make me feel like Snow White again, or perhaps Alice in the Wonderland. Dancing in the heart right away and he just smiled away. How could a guy still exist in this world knowing that I would prefer a pocket watch compared to a Prada handbag? I don’t know but being with someone that actually keep you from becoming like everyone else expected you to be, is an Olympic gold.
I finally said something that I shouldn’t but I feel it is necessary. What were I thinking? Not that I am not sure of but sometimes the words, that particular statement have to get out, not for the listener, for it gives you strength. Too good to be true thing, which probably it is, but I dare to say not. Whatever it is, Allah knows best and I am anticipating it. 

Sunday, January 20

Best Sunday

For the first time, I found a guy/people/man who is so mesmerizing, with his laughter, smile and definitely his voice. Why would anyone be so charming and too good to be true and at the same time be yours?

 It is the amazing feeling.

This sound of Alfred telling Bruce Wayne that makes me wanna cry somehow : I had this fantasy that I would look across the tables and I'd see you there, with a wife, maybe a couple of kids. You wouldn't say anything to me, nor me to you, but we'd both know...that you'd made it, that you were happy

Happy Monday in one hour. Start the day with a grateful heart :)

Friday, January 11

Cotton Candy

Of all million people,
I would rather choose you because
you make me feel I am one in a million

even for just eating KFC together

Wednesday, January 2

Flash Back

So many wishes, yes, how I wish you everyday not working like today and we talked from the random shit starting from how you were late for exam before, planning on how to meet each other at the slightest free time I ever have, surviving not to get lost in direction without your dear GPS, and how you making a big deal on how many times I yawning. And we ended our day by grammar session :) 

But the best part is when I stop doing my work just to get the grasp of our dream together to have business and I am really on it! cause you are so amazing to be true