Tuesday, June 28

Lets Elope + Sings to Me

I find him very, hmm sexy
He's Caleb from Pretty Little Liar in case you're wondering
Some people can really make your eyes glued on them, without even trying.

Thursday, June 23

Biarlah Hujan Batu di Negara Sendiri

I went to the lab where I am gonna work on my research, it looks more like a storeroom for a world class research.

Dr Chan said:

“Don’t expect the lab to be all dolled up with all the safety protocol and having an ID card to access the door, we do not even have the fire drill, we are still in the 3rd world country”

I am proud to say; that is my country. Store-room lab doesn’t mean you can abandon your country and work oversea, just to work in a sophisticated lab in a short cut way.

If not you, who else you expect to work in your own country?


Money, chances and decision is one of the hardest
But earning other people’s trust is the sweetest thing
That who knows, can path the road to the tomorrow land
Even how impossible it sounds


Thursday, June 16


I can’t believe my freckles are GONE


Big thanks to my mother

At Twenty Three

At twenty-three, my father earn his own money from being a driver and go to England randomly wandering around to find 2 hours laundry machine (to open his own laundry business) alone. He saw people lining up in a restaurant in England and get to know it is McDonald. He told his friend, his friend told his other friend who now become the owner of Malaysia McD franchise .He struggled to become the supplier of ‘malay’ grocery in Hilton Hotel after been chased out thrice.

But the cutest of all, when he became the Dunhill agent, he lost money and he wrote a complaint letter to Dunhill company in England saying Dunhill cigarette doesn’t taste good on Malay tongue. The Dunhill company search for him.

That’s him. He earn his ‘Dato’ from his craziness chasing his dream. Just crazy. He is no PhD, no degree, and not even SPM, just went for school until standard 3. He is now 65years old.

And now I am 23 years old. I have a degree. I have no money I’ve earned and I went to United States for study using other people’s money.

I feel dumb

Wednesday, June 15

I’m as Normal as Blueberry Pie.

Old memories unleashed, not a good one ,unfortunately. Scar is deepening and perhaps it started to bleed.

And now I think everyone should carve a smile like 'the joker’,

Or maybe it just be me

Tuesday, June 14


I feel everyone laying eyes on me. Somehow I prefer the ignorant in United States. Or should I just be one of them; the ignorant?

Yes, I would love to start again

Friday, June 10

Under The Milky Way Tonight

I have been missing him having breakfast and I’m having my dinner across the world. Somehow, I am used to the 24 hours time difference. In fact I love it, I don’t mind waiting at all. Cause I believe he will be there, even he is not there at that moment, I know he wants to be there with me.

And I believe in him without fail ;)

Monday, June 6

Dare to Fly My Heart

Dekat US tgk Nora Elena non-stop. Balik Malaysia tak heran da. So many things way better than nora elena, okay no, Seth Tan. Suddenly tertekan TV3, cant believe I’m watching Nora Elena live today even though only last 10 minutes. Oh yes, Seth Tan never fail to make my day sweeter in the end of the day. He is so paranoid with Nora Elena safety, sanggup nk hantar nora pergi and balik kerja, no more Pak Ali; he wants to become her driver and bodyguard. Then Nora Elena said that he is managing director, neither bodyguard nor driver. Then he said,

I am your husband, my responsibility.

Thats definitely the sweetest thing

Thats definitely a fairy tale

Sunday, June 5

Heart Skip Not Only A Beat

Somehow, somewhere it is true. Heart is so tired of denying. In the end, I know I have to be strong

to accept