Thursday, February 14

Pearl Laces

       Funny how I actually wanted this post to be titled ‘White Laces’ and it turned out to be ‘Pearl Laces’. Typical Bashira. I am fucking tired with all the reading on passion nowadays. Blame late Steve Job. Maybe people started to pay attention on passion since it is coincidentally bringing huge of money to the passionate guy of Apple. The truth is, different people, different life. My favorite in Kiyosaki: You are in the journey of searching the person who you were born to be, actually. So many influence and sacrifices, thinking about other people sake, other’s perception making us divert from who is the real us. 
     Anyway, I have never feel this real before. I think I already have the feeling to be married. So shy. I want to be married with this guy because he makes me want rediscover myself again, embrace who I am and at least never see me as a broken pieces that need to be fix, cause he treat me as Bashira, not a girl or a woman. I can imagine him with his charming smile. 
     I think some pieces of me have forgotten the root of myself because so busy seeing someone else. I want to retrieve all my mother’s word again that keep me going. Being adult really shadowed all the words because you think you already grown up. Time to pour out some from the cup, in order to keep it refill and rejoice.