Thursday, December 29

Hail to The King

These last few days of two thousand eleven, to be honest, do open my eyes. On tiny little details that I’ve forgotten cause I am too busy wondering on things that’s not mine. Not literally ‘things', but the ‘thing' that you think you deserved it, which only an illusion-candy.

Whatever it is, I hope these last few days, remain carved in my heart and for me not to forget. To him, thank you, because of you, struggled, not to own me, but to make sure I am not alone, even I think I never feel one.

Wednesday, December 28

No Mountain High Enough

Let everything happen to you
Beauty and terror

Just keep going
No feeling is final

Saturday, December 24

Back to December

Saturday's morning is always the refreshing day for me. Always wake up as a new person. Perhaps it is the end of the hectic day and one day before the real day starts. Watching Taylor Swift's music video at 8am was very weird way to start the day. Guess Taylor Swift eyes is so magnetizing. The most weirdest is how hardworking I am, to boil lemongrass and apply it on my hair. Konon berangan nak rambut berkilat macam Ella. Lol ��

And this Mrs Pitt face was my breakfast this morning and I am watching Final Destination right now.
What were I thinking?

And look at her soles while she's still sleeping on my bed! Who knows when I can snap this moment again , when everbody's getting married later in life.

Awww my sister ;)

Thursday, December 22

Better to kiss with a mask

I feel like I am floating through the standing people in the bus,
all the way to the tail of the bus.
The pace of the tree outside the window, passing the familiar building seems like a flash.
And i am counting the number of times the wiper moves left and right, wiping the water away.
It reminds me of the movie 'Flash of Genius' and how the whole invention of wiper started. But the best of all, i finally done with my ethicsapplication for my research and now I am laying on my bed beside my audrey hepburn poster :)

Missing the snow covered pavement and roof in State College and no holiday for Christmas :D

Happy holiday Malaysia

More Than That

And happy comes to those who appreciate what she has and be thankful. Yes, I know. Everybody has been saying that few times. Yet, it is so hard when people are being so judgmental and we want what everybody has.

And the worst is, we might not get what we want and sacrifice our happiness to only one aim that we failed to grasp,

And we lost the key to life

Wednesday, December 21


I think Malaysia is building too much building
Old bulding is not renovated anymore, it is been replaced by totally whole new building
Money’s been spent for the sake of getting the outside prettier for the eyes
Shopping complex for the Coach, Ed Hardy, Guess whatever are placed in the middle of KL
Where people like me just passed by.
I would prefer more art centre like Central Market, where all the beautifully handmade handbags, shoes, shirt that produced locally been placed in the middle of KL.
Where people can show their talent and make money for living.
Rather giving the chance to the already established/overseas companies to make more money.
And leaving the locals selling stuff in pasar malam or Uptown Danau Kota.

Sunday, December 18

Bone Broke

My blog needs an update, definitely. So far, December has been treating me well, except here and there. So much to get laid down before the real work started. I went to a meeting with bunch of established scientists including the one from University of Bristol, and the deputy dean introduced me as the youngest scientist. Oh my, I feel cute.