Sunday, November 6

Light Up The Room

I just got back from Lanchang, Pahang. The routine for every AidilAdha. Just simply start the engine, and drove through Karak and reach my uncle’s farm was the journey to the nature, which I loved it. The air filled with the mixture of cow’s dunk, fruit and the love of course. He had 12 kids, the chatters and laughter vibrated the house. Somehow, it gave me some kind of force to move forward and filled in the gap in my life. In fact,

Do you light a room, by walking into it or walking out of it?

Friday, November 4

Simple, yet Amazing

I remember. Somewhere at the point of my life, I want to be an architect. And it is not too late, since my father at the age of 65, still design our house from scratch, and the result is amazing.

And this is amazing too: see through church.