Friday, December 12

Tourmaline Gemstone

Time really govern us, heading towards twenty-seven now. Time for fill up rest of my life with passion, science and beauty

Precious gemstone from Brazil, that is what tourmaline is,
Precious as your skin.

Selling my favorite skincare line, sharing the love

Coming soon

Thursday, January 2

If I Could Write A Dream

Woke up this morning with my eyes on Instagram quotes, as usual posted by random saying dream is actually the reality, reality is the dream. Ah I love to twist my brain like that. New year, of course turn out as new page, no, is the first page of a log book and of course as my habit, the first page is always index. I am organized in that way, to not getting lost the track

This is so crucial and hard to ignore, the feeling I have to finally change and become more matured. And of course more importantly to always keep your self half-fulled, to give the space of more to come. Life is an adventure, so cliche, but I am sure the adventure comes from within inside, which is your heart.

This two thousand and fourteen for me, is the 365 days for me to trust myself more and not afraid to choose the wrong color of my dress or my curtain, to accept and to embrace. My friend mentioned to me yesterday, "Bashira you can finally said "I am getting married this year!", I hope I get the position of open and close right. For me, I would said "My dream come true this year", as finally I have someone who will always remind me that life is difficult, and we are not perfect, but we can try :')

Greg Laswell song somehow inspire me for this year, to all the fighters who survived in two thousand thirteen

This is for the ones who stand
For the ones who try again
For the ones who need a hand
For the ones who think they can

It comes and goes in waves
Am only led to wonder why
It comes and goes in waves
Am only led to wonder why

Anyway, this year again, here I am writing to remind myself of how I should not forget to love myself, to be me and to not forget what makes me cry when I was small. Oh I love poetry, time to get back to Yasmin Ahmad and shit I forgot what is the guy name.

"The real power not come from hate, but the truth"