Sunday, March 17

Seeing the World, Again

Oh yes. I love this feeling of freshness having my sweating face been dried away by the wind passing by, when my car swift the road. Right away after jog for 30mins seeing the uncle, auntie, grandfather, grandmother, dog walker and of course grumpy old chinese lady. And of course all chinese. Hoping the traffic has calmed his way after 6-8am of war. Few things came across my mind: first, the earth hour coming this 23 March, how I am going find one day to dump all my used papers in recycle bin at Taylor’s University and having a Twitter account. 

I read an article on gene designer for coming babies, is starting to path the way in science world and how ovules from Ivy league woman cost 10x higher than normal working women in United States. Guess, it has started and how it worries the world on how this would affect the evolution again. Some said the evolution has stopped, in term of not much on physical changing (Darwin) but somehow it has little bit on the attitude part: greedy, stress, and whats not. I found this overwhelming on how scientist from new south wales struggling to non-extinct the extinct frog who give birth through mouth and I could see the tiny baby frog right at the opening of her mother’s mouth, not a tadpole anymore. Oh thinking about birth, yesterday was a mammoth piece of memory. Marilyn giving birth to six kittens, and I was the one who in the labour room. Epic. And how that tiny bouquet of flower hanging at the groom’s chest on his big day. Beautiful. Happy Monday people!

Friday, March 15

Craft A Spirit, Then Gone

No matter how badly I wanted to write this down last night, it turned out blank page. I just remembered I did not bring the laptop home. Remember those time when everything suddenly become so clear and you can see how pretty everything is, yes, last night, while driving with leather jacket on. Oh feels like Megan Fox in one of the scene in Transformer. Kinda missing the half chilling half sunny day in states, wearing my blue black leather jacket. The subtle feeling of sadness when things happening in totally upside down and at the same time, you get the gift that you never asked for and started to wonder which part of kindness that you did, to deserve the gift ? Totally a beautiful feeling. How could a 30mins route on normal peak hour becomes 5mins in silent road? I started to wonder how my 25mins is being spent with the strangers who I rather not to be with, I would prefer Safwan instead. How random is this when I saw greetings video from Yuna in top of the newsfeed at the same listening to Decorate. Oh yes, happiness is like having both lips to touch, have to be shared. 

I was in oral surgery room yesterday, having to see how lightning was the surgeon swifting around her hand, her back and at the same time talking to calm down the patient, in pain of course. I came to realize how the doctor is going to take the pain away, having the skill around, without the never end of knowledge from God to guide us. Simple, the pain will stay. And of course, I have to keep going to be a scientist. And at the glance from the window, I saw my most unfavorite doctor busy taking picture of his patient, a little boy. This little boy with so black spiky hair, was the one who cried non-stop in pain having his cleft palate surgery. And of course with that particular doctor, I dislike. 

And suddenly, a feeling came through. The act of kindness of getting back the pretty face of the little boy and like butterfly effect I am sure, the future of the kid is reshape to better.

I cant believe I learn this from that particular doctor. Happy Weekend ;)

Monday, March 11

Raspberry Satin Slightly Faded

Human with being. I just love the feeling of the magic of knowing compared to the unknown. There is no such thing without reason. It is just an excuse, which has to be stopped. Step up and admit. And all the things that I used to be afraid suddenly faded, and you become my most favorite thing on earth. The heat yesterday my dear was so overwhelming, made me sick to death and the most afraid part is not knowing. I came to realize the astonishing part of being a scientist, finding the knowledge not for fame, not for satisfaction but just enough to have the secure feeling of knowing. Just a statement from him made me breath again, not because he is a doctor but he just know how to make me feel secured by blurting out any fact he could get and I believed.I just love the combination of peach and turquoise, it describes my feeling pretty well. I just love to just mix up everything, cause I know it it will blend well. I do not know if i could this but I just want to be yours