Thursday, April 28

Don’t Want Miss The Sunshine

Cause feeling is so complicated like all the million sypnases in our brain. No matter how the scientist trying to define them, how twisted it becomes in our brain, somehow the axon always find the right way to the target. What is the signal? What is the pathway?

The axon never follow the trend, it varies, it is unpredictable, it is complicated

So does the feeling

Monday, April 25

I may be holding your hand but I'm holding it loose

I may be holding your hand but I'm holding it loose,
So that you can dream as far as the star can reach,
But you heart stay with me,
Stay below the star,
So you will never forget,

Of who you are

Friday, April 22

Happy Friday, Happy Birthday :)

Dear 22.04.11,

Again, you make me open my eyes not to the being old part, but in much simpler way that sometimes always been forgotten because of me, being too comfortable

Alhamdulilah for His bless and mercy

and for this one day, that He open my eyes

for me to stay alive, and dreaming :’)

Saturday, April 16

My Darling Curse

I just remember,
I did shove you away few times,
but you

never get bored looking at my exhausted face
sometimes my angry face,
sometimes for only 5 minutes, the rest of 8 hours me sleeping
and when I wake up the next morning,

you still there, on the screen

Sunday, April 10

For The First Time

She’s annoying. She’s childish. She’s spoiled. She always steal my purse, my shirt, my pants, my lipgloss, my handbags, my earings, my necklace, my watch, my bracelet, my food, my shades, my jackets, my ruler, my pencil and etc. I did steal hers too. In fact A LOT :D She never do the dishes , laundry, sweeping, or help mom cooking bla bla. We do pull each other hair, shouting at each other a lot and cry while face to face sleeping in bed. Amazing. She nags a lot too. nasib baik sayang.

As we grow older, we grow apart. When I am having my dinner, you are just going to school. When I am having my breakfast, you are having your dinner. Sigh. I apologized for not being there when you first time fall in love, or crying your heart loud for stupid boyfriend or your friends being backstabber. I am not there.

I cant wait to go home. To do all of the above for the first time again. Happy 20th Birthday Sapura. May all your dream come true. I love you more and more everyday cause you are just simply uniquely perfect to be my annoying youngest sister :D

When The Time Flies

I have to let this out. When my ipod played “These Streets” by Paolo Nutrini and followed by “For The First Time” by The Script, I found myself stuck between two countries, Aussie & US. It is like I am in the middle of the two countries, where another half is in State College and another half is in Sydney. Because by the time these songs were played not long time ago, I was sitting on the rock, with my legs hanging, facing the sea, the moon and you. And now, when these songs were played, I was looking out of the window with trees still naked but thank god, the sun does shine brightly.
But there is no sea, there is no you and there are just wall and internet. Plain

I hate reminiscing past. It suffocates me. It makes my heart beating faster. It makes me wondering which one is more crueller? Time or me thinking the past. But I do prepare myself. I think I did. When I was in Sydney, I closed my eyes and tell myself that someday when you open your eyes again, you will be in US. Periosd. I tell you what, I do prepare but it will never work when the memories are so memorable.
I have to let this out. Time, I really hate you. Cause when you fly, you fly together with my good memories.

By the time I am jotting this down, I know one thing for sure. When I open my eyes for 454686th times ,I am back in Malaysia.

Hoping my heart can bear it all.

Friday, April 8

Just A Little Lovin’

This is the best feeling ever,
When you were busy browsing through all the dresses and pants
In a clothing department
Ignoring other girls laughing around with soda in the hand
Focusing on every hanger your fingers push side on the rack
Suddenly, there was a pregnant woman approached you by your side, tapped you by the shoulder and said:

“I want my baby to look like you”

This is surely awkward but I smiled to ear and said InsyaAllah :)

Thank God Is Friday

What is the real work then?

Real work is the priority. Priority is depend on time, not us. Cause if it depends on us, it will NEVER get done.

Note for the coming weekend :D

Monday, April 4

Are you Man Enough to Walk in Her Shoes?

This is very interesting. I found this very interesting. Tengoklah kaki bulu2 tu IN THE PINK HEELS. I don’t know why, but I found this very funny and yet very creative to send their message.

VERY VERY straightforward though.

By the way, most importantly, the respect toward women. Man out there, please be sensitive. Especially to Malay guy out there. Just a little sensitivity toward women. That’s all it takes.

*Bukannye bukak pintu utk sendiri keluar pastu slammed close on the women’s face, very insensitive kan?

And today, I found very weird piece of art. I stood there and stared blankly for quite some time. I can say……it does disturb me. See the hole in the big circle thing? There were a lot of red tiny balls inside the hole. -_-“

Sometimes, something is not necessarily to be defined, in order to be art. I get it now.