Sunday, October 30

Neither Heavy nor Light, Just Being Together

Just stumbled upon this beautiful poem, my heart beats for this one, by Ash L Bennet

I don't remember, any more,
The exact shape of your hands
As I held them in mine,
Caressed them,
Memorized the length of your fingers,
The depth of your calluses.

I don't remember, any more,
Exactly your height, how much
Taller than me
You were, where
My head rested on your chest
When you held me tightly close.

I don't remember, any more,
Your scent, when we lay together
Creating our own
Magic rhythm,
Matching our heartbeats as we
Touched the sky, together.

I don't remember, any more,
The sound of your voice, calling
My name as though
It were a song
Within itself, a precious treasure
You valued with all your being.

And I don't remember, any more,
The color of your eyes, the shape
Of your lips,
How your eyes crinkled at the corners
And your laugh, as you told me,

"I love you."

Friday, October 28

To be One

I would prefer a friendship, over relationship, cause in this ship, nobody cares to be one,

we can be two, three, four. Cherish each others feeling and go with it

Nothing to conquer and be conquered of

So we can walk together, holding hand and let it go when the time comes


Thursday, October 27

Good News, Always

Its been a long time. The laptop is fixed. I could use a little good news then. It is always been a good news, cause this macbook is the token for my hardship burning the midnight oil

and also the piece of medal that’ve been through my three years in United States, the medal of survival, for me to myself.

Good morning earthlings, and of course, TGIF