Saturday, February 26


I was walking through the freezing and the sea of Americans wearing green making their own holiday of St Patty. Of all the colors, why green? yucks despite the fact that I am the only one wearing red in the middle of green, definitely look like traffic light.

Suddenly, I heard a guy's voice excuse me-excuse me non stop. African American guy with 50 cents look, VERY tall and of course with sweet innocent face ( bulu mata melentik y'alls)

Him : Do you know where the nearest PNC Bank ATM machine ?

Me : Come walk with me, I am going there too.
Datangla terkedek2 lagi 2 orang kawan die. Very comel; despite the fact that they look like

Him : Where do you come from?

Me : Malaysia

Him: Where is that? (Memang tadi rasa muke dorang sweet, sekarang rasa cm nk sebat je )

Me : Do you know Singapore? ( Rela x rela gunakan jugakla Singapore as standpoint)

Him : Yeahhh I heard of Singapore

Me: Yeah Malaysia is just north of Singapore

Kawan dia : Yeahhh I am sorry, Americans are retarded you know

Me : Do you know Google?

Him : Ahhhhh c'mon maannnnnnn, thats hurt

Me : Just smiling away

Dalam hati : You hurt mine too

Masa nak sampai; he said the part that mend my broken heart

Him : You know what, you come all the way from Malaysia just to walk me to the ATM machine

Me : Yes, I think I did :-) *melted*

By the way, alang-alang da melted kan, I watched amazing love story zaman remaja with my girlfriends. The thing about this movie is that every time I watch this, it always feel like the first time

Adit & Tinta from Eiffel I’m In Love

Even though “garang" , this Adit totally blow my mind away, but the best part is my boyfriend does the same too except the “garang" part.

I am definitely one of the lucky bitch alive

grateful :)

Thursday, February 24

I Want Your Love

Reality leaves so much to the imagination. Big thanks to the cinema and beautiful actor that colored the world of my fantasy :-D

Here's my top 10 favorite couples on the screen !

10 ) Laila Isabella; so much for the tomboy falling in love. Pretty tomboy plak tu. Siap potong boyish cut lagi masa form 5 sbb nak jadi macam Laila. hahaha.

9) Rose & Jack. Rose doesn't even have the photos of Jack. Tragic of love. Sigh

8) Allayarham Tan Sri P Ramlee & Sarimah. So sweet in Madu Tiga. Siap bahasakan diri 'Di sini dan Di sana je. Too cute!

7) Nobody can resist Aaron Aziz. Definitely!

6) Maya Karin and Remy in Natrah. Orang kacak2 dan lawa2 ni mmg eye candy la kan

5) Shah Rukh Khan is a must but with Aishwarya Rai; Pleasela get divorce and marry to each other.
4) Leaving On the Jetplane ; Liz Tyler & Ben Affleck in Armageddon.

3) August Rush; Beautiful movie, Beautiful People

2) I can fall in love with the couple ( Josh Dunhamel & Katie Holmes from The Romantics) even just looking at this photo.
1) Of course, from Legend of The Seeker. Their love in the movie is undeniable, too good to be true. AND the fact that both are one damn good looking human being


nothing can beat this

Sara Tancredi & Michael Scoffield

because that's just me being a doctor and a junkie
with Raja Azraff being tattooed and jailed.

I know. Laugh as you pleased


Wednesday, February 23

Yes or No ?

I found this while wiping the tables at work :-)

If love this easy, world would be less hypocrite

but sometimes, no,most of the time

life makes it hard to circle JUST one, right ?

Tuesday, February 22

Staying up All Night

Dear Statistics,

Please be nice to me for this Friday, cause I am starting to love you

Sunday, February 20

Most days I don't care.I just want to stay in bed.

Sebenarnya nak tunjuk fringe baru yg dikerat tadi gune gunting dapo. da la cm kejung. ok bosan takde keje -_-

Bloody Sunday. My favorite day. Cause I'm bored like that. Amik la gambar perasan. Rasa da tua2 ni macam pelik je amik gmbr vain. mude2 rajin la. muahahahahha. nahhhhh....

Everybody does. Cheers!

Cause You Are Dream to Me

For the one who always adore me
For the one who always says I look beautiful
For the one who loves me who I am

Marry me

Friday, February 18

We Own The Sky, Together

What is your reason of life?

Success in your life? ok that's general.

4flat in every semester?

Become a billionaire?

Think about this for a moment.I was 12 years old when representing my school in netball tournament, then malas nak maen konon2. sakit perot. Then my coach excluded me. Suddenly, my English teacher approached me and asking why I am not playing. I told her I got stomachache. Then she said "Sakit perut je, kesian kawan2 penat maen, pergilah tolong" ;
I was stunned. Even for a simple thing such as of playing netball time sekolah rendah;

Dont play because you want to be the best netball player, play to help your friend playing, even how small it means;

Even you are not the shooter.

For whoever we are in future, how rich we are and how famous we have become, even how hard it is , do spare your heart for other people.

Even just for a short moment that anyone will hardly remember.

And for my teacher, I still remember how deeply your eyes looking at me at that moment; hoping me to understand the importance to have the bigger heart. Cheers!

Al-Fatihah to my dear teacher

Tuesday, February 15

The Romantics

When you want to buy roses for yourself but couldn't purchase it, because have to carry it all the way through the snowstorm, you frustrated

But today you get the rose, because your best friend wants to see the smile of yours again,
that is friendship, in fact, more than friendship.

That's the romantics. Thank you Elin :-)

She is so precious kannn ? :D

Monday, February 14

Malam Bulan Dipagar Bintang

Malam bulan dipagari bintang
Makin indah jika dipandang

This song by Allahyarham Tan Sri P Ramlee, stuck in my head when walking to the Stats class this evening. Khusyuk sgt dgr lagu x sedar only few people in the class at 3:36pm, class start at 3.35pm. Crap! class cancel rupenye (masa snow ribut2 xnk pulak cancel, masa weather da cantik, smgt nk gy class, gy cancel plak) mana taknya cikgu hantar email tengahari tadi. And who check email 3 hours before that class? definitely not me. Tu la Bashira, ada iphone ape gune. pakai 3310 je la.

Okay, since I really love to think deep on song lyric, here my insight. The moon is ugly without stars. It looks like just a random circle in the sky. Period. But when it is surrounded by the shining stars.....

The moon suddenly become sooooooo pretty! It turn out that no matter how ugly you are, when you have good friends & family around you, you are becoming beautiful too.

I have my good friends & family with lovely heart to die for, whom I can say, shaped who I am now . Close your eyes, and find yours too so that you can become the moon

with the shining stars :-)

"Apparently, I am in the middle (konon macam bulan la kat tengah2 tu :D) with all the beautiful friends during Thanksgiving Break 2010. I miss mine back in high school and primary school too. Sigh"

Sunday, February 13

Rolling In the Deep

I don't wanna go deep, I don't wanna fell into the limbo. Wake me up, so that I can see the sky again.

That is why I need you.

How my dream they spin me round

How my dreams they spin me 'round
And how my dreams they let me down
How my thoughts they let me down
How my days they spin me 'round

And how today it sets me down

It turn out that there can be just so many things to be blamed , but the true mistake is

why dare to dream at the first place?

Saturday, February 12

Close your eyes, just trust it, just trust it

91 days till graduation. This is not a good news yet when you feel being in bed is the best thing to do in a day and feel relaxed when exam is tomorrow and unfinished homework is due in 20 minutes. Crap! Good thing is no more pressure :D but I'm afraid of no more A's then. Double crap. And yes I am struggling to have back my passion of studying, going to classes and yes, i miss the pressure.


Then this

and of course new stationary :D

and pen kaler2 sikittt. heeee

Not forgotten, pencil case comel ade bear2 hihi

Oh yes, food ! this is nasi ayam from Kitchen Amalina. Maklum la kan sejak jadi businesswoman makan2 ni haa, saya la bahan experiment dieee ( elin, aku promote kau kat blog aku, komisyen pleasee :D and kalau aku gemuk aku sebat kau. )

and my sayang teman from far with this cute kid mane ntah die kidnapped

but most importantly is your determination to chase your dream. Yes, for the sake of your dream. What do you do to chase your dream ? One word. No, three words. Never give up. Just trust it. Let's rock the FINAL YEAR ! Cheers

Jatuh Cinta Pandang Pertama

When I was watching drama melayu titled '3 Mawar Dara', ade satu scene ni pasal jatuh cinta pandang pertama. My heart snapped. hihi. Thinking of mine too. Yes, I do have one and that was when I watched my boyfriend performing his so-called music band Royal Legacy at Intec. Ooops. Losing my gravity. Yesss at that moment. Right at that moment :D
For those who think such thing never happen, you are just being too serious. Yes, it happens no matter how you define it. It still called jatuh cinta pandang pertama. Cheers!

You Played My Heart to The Beat

Sunshine & Snow. Nobody ever think they will be a perfect match. But yet, they never fail to give the sense of beauty for the eyes.

Hail to the impossible and believe in the incredible.

Fuck the perfection.