Tuesday, August 23

Rainbow River

I have no idea why lately I am becoming a fan with the word ‘rainbow’. And look what I’ve found in one of the ten amazing views from airplanes.

Selangor River, Malaysia ! :D


The eyes of others are our prison; their thoughts are our cage.

Sunday, August 21

Juggling Before Monday

Monday is coming. Time feels running so fast when more samples coming up to be done and watching streaming Pretty Little Liars during break. Thank God for the smooth Jaring wireless in PPUM

Today Qalesha reach 2 years old and had her first bicycle ride and how tiny she was, make me wants to squeeze her more. I hardly remember mine but I do remember when 21 years was old. And now, I am the youngest tiny researcher juggling awkwardly with all the stereo microscope and grinding machine.

I feel funny. I think I look funny

Nah, it is because I am still learning

Wednesday, August 17

Charlie Chaplins of Your Beautifuls

Sometimes I wonder why people look up on those who drive Ferrari with Dad’s money; perhaps how lucky they are.

How about people who look up on gorgeous Hollywood star with breast implant and botox everywhere? Perhaps people just love beautiful things. Sure they are.

How about a teenage girl who has missing front tooth but can still beautifully smiling to you?
How about a poor 17 years old girl who work 12 hours standing in factory, and never stop wishing they could further study?

They are the one that we should look up,

Because they still have the guts to carve their step everyday, with their faith on, when nobody else could.

Sunday, August 14


I am thankful for..

…..the mess to clean up after dinner/lunch
because it means I have been surrounded by family who still dine together

…..the phone bill I pay
because it means that I have friends/family to call

……the jeans that fit a little too snug
because it means I have enough to eat

…...my freckles on my face
because it means I have been kissed by the sun

…….the spot I find at the far end of the parking lot
because it means I’m capable of walking

……all the complaining I hear about government
because it means we have freedom of speech

……annoying skype call in a middle of sleep
because it means I still have somebody who far in distance, but always remember me

…..windows/floor that need cleaning
because it means I have home

…..the annoying alarm that goes off in early morning hours
because it means that I am alive

Friday, August 12

It Was As Though Rainbow Had Melted into My Eyes

When everybody else on the wheel giving the stranger’s look
When everybody else on the wheel with the fierce face looking straight on the road
Trying to avoid the traffic as though they could escape the road somehow
Me looking from slightly above them, observing each one driving a car; each one in one car
Very rich Malaysian

From inside the bus, I could see many colors; colors of people like a rainbow
Everyone with their own space; space of mind even though it looks there was no space in the bus
Me too. With my own space, holding my “The Bronze Horseman” like hugging my loved ones
which sometimes I left it at home cause it was so heavy to carry
I felt bad sometimes, as though I left my loved ones home

But as long as I carry him inside my heart; the rest of the day will just fall into places

By the way, I have my favorite wall in my room; as the one I imagined, in fact better. Because of this wall, I commute to my work 90 minutes and home another 90 minutes by bus!

By the way, I’m so happy to get this jersey all the way from my Alexander in Sydney, and I little bit jakun on this milo dinosaur ;D

Have a good Ramadhan everyone !