Tuesday, February 14


This movie give my heart and brain almighty thud. Homeless to Harvard. If this is what the real education is, then I ‘ve been learning nothing.

Friday, February 10

Easy Way

I hate people who litter. I think those people are very selfish and lazy, since they can’t clean up their own waste. I hate people who’d just finished eating cendol, wipe their mouth with tissue, and while walking, drop the tissue. Oops. That’s unacceptable.

I hate those people who cant afford to dirty their car, but willingly to dirty the land of others, by throw it outside the car. I saw this, I honk endlessly.

If everybody can mind their own waste, our homes can be a better place.

What is the selfish comes for?
After all, we are stepping on the same land

Slow and Soft

It gets to half of February soon. Everything is moving so soft and slow so far. Not like when studying time, when our heart is struck with exams, quizzes and assignments. Making the heart skip a beat, cause it is going so fast. Prolly only in the heart, not in the everything.

Starting from the beginning of the year, it sounds so different from last year. In fact, no sound at all. The serenity of Kuala Kurau and the firework thumping from Sydney Harbour Bridge distinguish perfectly, but two things remain: the loved person I am with, and the dream

It reminds me of how dreamy I am when I am strolling on the rock of Bondi-Coogee Coastal Walk with my man, while looking front on the Subhnallah sunset view. Its amazing, how your eyes cant communicate with your mouth, and the eyes just decided to keep it as a secret. And the edge of Bondi-Coogee rock full with dreamy people who do nothing too, but staring at the shy sun. Priceless

And I feel this is so theraputic compared to the bombastic words of science on a piece of paper. I need a break