Friday, March 15

Craft A Spirit, Then Gone

No matter how badly I wanted to write this down last night, it turned out blank page. I just remembered I did not bring the laptop home. Remember those time when everything suddenly become so clear and you can see how pretty everything is, yes, last night, while driving with leather jacket on. Oh feels like Megan Fox in one of the scene in Transformer. Kinda missing the half chilling half sunny day in states, wearing my blue black leather jacket. The subtle feeling of sadness when things happening in totally upside down and at the same time, you get the gift that you never asked for and started to wonder which part of kindness that you did, to deserve the gift ? Totally a beautiful feeling. How could a 30mins route on normal peak hour becomes 5mins in silent road? I started to wonder how my 25mins is being spent with the strangers who I rather not to be with, I would prefer Safwan instead. How random is this when I saw greetings video from Yuna in top of the newsfeed at the same listening to Decorate. Oh yes, happiness is like having both lips to touch, have to be shared. 

I was in oral surgery room yesterday, having to see how lightning was the surgeon swifting around her hand, her back and at the same time talking to calm down the patient, in pain of course. I came to realize how the doctor is going to take the pain away, having the skill around, without the never end of knowledge from God to guide us. Simple, the pain will stay. And of course, I have to keep going to be a scientist. And at the glance from the window, I saw my most unfavorite doctor busy taking picture of his patient, a little boy. This little boy with so black spiky hair, was the one who cried non-stop in pain having his cleft palate surgery. And of course with that particular doctor, I dislike. 

And suddenly, a feeling came through. The act of kindness of getting back the pretty face of the little boy and like butterfly effect I am sure, the future of the kid is reshape to better.

I cant believe I learn this from that particular doctor. Happy Weekend ;)