Tuesday, June 4

After All These Years, Have Some Piece

There is always something on people that makes you laugh, so let me grow old with you. When every word is spoken, makes me more drowning in my own fantasy, yet it feels so real. I have encounter this one quote saying destination is not a place/aim but it is just a path for our new way of looking things. It is been a silence, but reading the post from beloved makes me awake from the work this morning, and absolutely carving a smile on my face. Looking things at past, made me realize how selfish I was before, so busy mending things in order to look normal from other’s eyes. It is a sin. Life is so hectic by the way, with so many things to be done but praised to God, with every failure, and almost to the end point, rainbow finally shine her way; just to keep me in the game. And with that, I know exactly who He made me for, a scientist, a brain squeezer.