Monday, July 29

You Are My Remedy

Hello Monday.

I just adore the turquoise lingering with peach. Glad last week it is over. Been through day and night up until 10pm in the lab, squeeze tons of things to do in Ramadhan before leaving off. Not sure to get things done or just to reduce the burden size back after the trip. I am not really sure why such an answer so matter to me. I love to jumble up all that by means, with no purpose. End up it consumes me like having all the drama in the world.

I think I am at the stage of not having eyeliner is cool. Finally, the confidence is here. I am not sure the reason why I feel so comfortable having me as myself, but I am pretty sure I know who is behind it. Money isn’t important, the gratitude is. I am learning to do mistakes and not regret them, struggling to admit the flaws and how humble we are in the eyes of the creator. Thats tough for me.

Give me camera, and I will capture everything, And I definitely has stolen your heart, my husband to be

Apologize <3